About Us

Lanchester Soil Consultants, Inc. was founded by Russ and Cindy Losco in 1993, the same year that they were married. Russ was working in the field of soil science and on-site wastewater (septic) system design and permitting since 1987 and Cindy was an independent consultant in the same field since 1986. They met on the job and decided to team up to provide high quality consulting services at a reasonable price to southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware. Since then their work has taken them as far-afield as Virginia, Ohio, Nebraska and Michigan, though they still concentrate on Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. In 2011 Kelly Deckelbaum joined the company.

Russ is a 1981 Graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor's degree and a 2009 graduate of West Chester University with a Master's degree in Geosciences. He is a Professional Geologist and Certified Professional Soil Scientist. Russ served for nine years on the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Association of Professional Scoil Scientists (PAPSS), currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Stormwater Technical Workgroup (PAST!) and the education committee of the Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists (PCPG) and is Associate Editor of the Jounal Soil Horizons.

Kelly Deckelbaum is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a Bachelor's degree in Plant and Soil Science.

Russ is active in advising and commenting on regulations and policies being developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP). He has twice been invited by the PADEP to advise them on techinal aspects of soil science in relation to policy development. He regularly lectures and provides educational presentations to the professional and regulatory community. Russ has travelled to Central America, Alaska, the Caribbean, Michigan, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and Montana to study soils. He has published several soil science publications including The Manual for Site Specific Soil Investigation in Pennsylvania and co-authored a chapter in the recent book Soil and Human Health.

The company's areas of expertise include:

Stormwater infiltration and management
Seasonal high water table identification
On-lot sewage disposal in challenging soils including soil testing and system design
Urban soils
Soil formation
Anthropogenic (manmade) influences on soil
Geomorphology and Paleo-geomorphology
Karst analysis
Site remediation